What is a video library ?

The Transdev video library gives you access to films made by the Corporate Communication Department. If you have an user account, you can also access to footage to use for your film projects. Downloading videos is reserved for employees and partners in the Group only for professional use.


How to download a footage or a film?

To download a video, you must have the approval of the Corporate Communication Department. To get it, click on the "Professional access" placed on the menu to the left of the screen and to request an account by selecting the tab "Request password". Depending on your motivations Corporate Communication Department reserves the right to accept or reject your application.

Once your account application validated you will receive a confirmation email with your password. Simply log in to download the videos by clicking on the basket will appear in each video.


I lost my password or it does not work? 

If your password is lost or not working, you can request a new password (via the "Professional access" tab "Forgot password"). In case you have not received a confirmation email in response to this request, please ensure that the mail was not sent directly to your "junk mail”. If this is not the case, it is possible to contact the Corporate communication department it validates itself Registration: lilea.bourakba@transdev.eu.



If my username is not recognized?

If, after entering your email address (login), this is not recognized, then you must make a request to create a new account (via the "Professional access" tab "Request password”). 


How to watch a video?

To view a film, simply click the play button in the middle of this video or in the bar under the video. You can put the bar through the video pause or advance, increase his or play video in full screen. If you hold an account, you can also select videos by clicking on the cart under the video player.


To learn more about a video?

To learn more about a video, click on the green cross under the video player. Then I go to the factsheet on the video. I shall find a description of the footage, sequence by sequence, or the script of the film.


How does the simple search?

The simple search allows querying the database by typing a word or words in the dialog of the "Simple Search".
The search covers all items indexed and works with the operator "AND" between terms by default.


How does the advanced search?

Advanced search is designed for users with accounts. It allows querying the database by typing a word or words in the 9 dialogs the "Advanced Search". (Keywords, themes, modes of transport, etc) with the help index. The search covers all items indexed and works with the default AND operator between terms.


What is an Index?

The indexes are only available in advanced search. Indexes list all the terms used for indexing video. These indexes are intended to guide and facilitate your search.


What are the formats of downloaded videos?

Depending on your needs, you can download films or footages. The film will be downloaded in FLV format. Footages will be downloaded in H264 format.


Can I access my previous selection?

The videos you put in your cart are stored. When you return to the library you can access your selection. You can on the "cart" to delete your selection or remove videos one by one to your cart.


What is an RSS news feed ?

The RSS feed allows you to be informed immediately of adding new videos.

If you use Firefox browser, the RSS feed will be directly integrated into your RSS aggregator.

If you're not equipped, download an RSS reader and add the following URL into your reader: http://www.transdevtv/rss


Other questions ?

For other questions, thank you to send a message to lilea.bourakba@transdev.eu.