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Everywhere, sustainable modes of transportation are emerging as complementary solutions for mobility, providing a service adapted to the individual passenger and respecting the environment. But, is bringing in self-service bicycles enough to turn cities into so-called “green cities.” No, it isn’t and that’s why Transdev offers the perfect mix of solutions and a service that truly responds to passenger needs.The ability to predict how modes of transportation will evolve is where Transdev’s expertise lies: a trusted partner to local authorities who puts the priority on modularity and efficiency.
A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, Transdev generates revenues of 7.9 billion euros. The company is present in 21 countries and employs 95,000 people around the world. Transdev operates 13 modes of transportation, including 23 light rail networks.  
As a mode of urban transportation in its own right, the bicycle has become a key link in the mobility chain. It’s worth knowing that 60% of urban automobile trips are, on average, less than 5km.Developed by subsidiary Veloway, Transdev’s bicycle offer is focused around 3 solutions: self-service rental, agency rental and secure parking for private bicycles.Self-service bicycles are available 24 hours a day and have proven effective in encouraging people to cycle. Transdev’s offer enables travelers to freely and easily access their own mode of transportation. 
For local authorities, it means a complementary, flexible offer that can be easily integrated into the mobility mix.When it comes to rental through an agency, a professional team is on hand to provide cyclists with advice and highly varied services, including medium- or long-term rentals of a wide selection of bikes, inflating of tires, anti-theft marking and quick maintenance service.
With over 10,000 bicycles rented annually and 1 600 secure bike parking in 16 French cities, Transdev delivers a proven, cost-effective model.  
A service now being offered to companies and the public sector features a dedicated fleet of standard and electrically assisted bikes. It’s a quick way to get to the office and keep fit while saving costs, a winning solution for all! Finally, for those who prefer to use their own bicycle, Transdev provides secure parking. This reassuring offer is available at rail stations and park and ride locations with direct links to other modes of transportation.Reasonable and sensible use of cars in towns is what car sharing and car-pooling is all about, providing the missing link between public transportation and car rental.
With car-pooling, a fleet of vehicles is made available to individuals or businesses.
This is a significant plus for the environment as 1 shared car combined with public transportation can meet the mobility needs of around 8 people!In France, Transdev is a major player in this sector with services up and running in Grenoble, Nice, Montpellier, Nantes or Paris.The Marguerite network has been running in Nantes since 2008 and complements an already extensive package of transportation services.Through its subsidiary Proxiway, specializing in the design and implementation of electric car sharing services, Transdev has just opened Sunmoov' in Lyons, a new service, unique in France, consisting of 100% electric cars that are recharged at terminals powered with solar energy.  Car sharing service is accessible for booking online or phone 24 hours a day, for journeys ranging from 1 hour to 1 month . The cost of the fuel, vehicle and insurance are all included, at a very competitive price.
Another popular option is car-pooling. Here several people sharing the same journey use the same car. This solution is both economical, environmental and promotes good citizenship.In partnership with the company Ecolutis, Transdev offers local authorities, businesses and the public sector a "ready to go" solution to make car-pooling easy to use.This solution combines a dedicated online platform with telephone support via a call center. Users access listings to provide their details of departure and arrival locations, then are alerted to trips via SMS or e-mail. So, let the car-pooling begin!To complement the transportation system, Transdev also offers specialist solutions designed to satisfy all kinds of urban mobility needs. For example, electric shuttles are small vehicles that travel in pedestrian zones or on narrow roads while respecting the peace and tranquility of historic city centers. This is a fun, friendly service adapted to meet the needs of people with disabilities, children and tourists.Transdev’s ability to adapt to specific requirements is clearly demonstrated by electric river shuttles. These 10- to 30-seat boats serve the St. Denis canal in Paris, among others.In France, they can also be found in Nantes, where passengers can easily travel from one shore to the other and then connect to the light rail or in Calais, where a boat offers a means for daily trips. A pleasant way to travel with no harmful impact on the environment.With this package of “green” solutions, Transdev offers a high quality service that respects the environment.  It’s all part of contributing toward the development of public transportation as a real alternative to the car and acting as a responsible transportation operator.

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