The planning and schedules manager


Planning and schedules plays a key role in public transport, covering simulation, canvassing and forecasting.

Interview :

“The planning and schedules manager has a role to play throughout the lifecycle of any network, be it at the design stage or throughout its operation. We work with all the company’s departments as well as outside players. It’s here that we calculate production costs. It’s where it all begins, which is what makes this job exciting”.

Once the solution defined by Marketing, the planning and schedules manager organises implementing the transport offer: customer timetables, driver scheduling, vehicle availability. The Manager constantly looks for improvements to tailor the service to customer needs. He is also at the heart of issues surrounding working conditions and acts as a consultant to executives in dialogue with the workforce.

Human resources
Quality of service
Mode of transport:
Date of creation: 30/09/2010
City / Zipcode: Multi-localised
Country: France
Technical informations :
Film or Footage: Film
Producer: Effikas
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