Transport in medium-sized cities


Medium-sized cities have specific challenges, with mobility requirements across a population center that extend far beyond the urban transportation perimeter.Here, the role of a public transportation operator is to guarantee innovative tailored solutions within managed budgets while, of course, protecting the environment. But it’s not that simple. As a socially responsible player, Transdev provides medium-sized cities with an extensive range of solutions as effective as those offered large metropolitan areas to build transportation networks that serve green cities.
A subsidiary of Caisse des Dépôts, Transdev generates revenues of 7.9 billion euros. The company is present in 21 countries and employs 95,000 people around the world. Transdev operates 13 modes of transportation, including 23 light rail networks. When it comes to medium-sized cities, Transdev’s global vision enables it to give priority to managing transportation needs. 

The municipality  of Vannes sought to reduce the modal share of private car by 10% by 2020 and implemented a new transportation offer to attract new travelers. 

Routes and travel times were optimized and new quick connections were established with the campuses, hospital and railway station; a transportation on demand offer was developed and a new name and branding for the network was adopted.

The result? A visible network and a significant increase in ridership!
Transdev adapts the service it offers to respond to the specific challenges of medium-sized cities. An example is the BusWay® concept, a bus rapid transit adapted to medium-sized city demand.Developed by Transdev, BusWay® is a bus rapid transit system with accessible vehicles that travel in dedicated lanes and stations featuring a strong visual identity, with features such as highly effective passenger information.
The BRT runs at a constant speed with frequent and regular journeys to minimize waiting by passengers.So how is it possible to provide links for residents of less densely populated areas with a limited budget? By introducing virtual networks and regional transportation on demand, Transdev, as a leader in this sector, offers economical solutions that make it easier for all citizens to travel, including school children, people with disabilities and the elderly.
A socially responsible role that corresponds fully to Transdev’s public service dimension.
This solution is well adapted to the many different kinds of journeys, depending on the daily needs of passengers.City center shuttles are well adapted for serving the heart of metropolitan areas. Transdev operates this type of eco-friendly vehicle in Avignon, in France.In Niort, Transdev has commissioned a line serving key locations in the city in partnership with the Tourist Information Office, a good example of promoting sustainable tourism.The Limoges network is a model example. Fully electric trolleybuses account for 50% of the vehicle fleet. This silent mode of transportation fits perfectly with the city’s heritage.Full respect for local heritage. In Laôn, France, the Poma is a light rail system based on the technology of funicular railways.Its recent renovation, at a reasonable cost, once again illustrates Transdev’s ability to adapt to the specific requirements of medium-sized cities.Two examples are enough to understand that innovation is at the very heart of Transdev’s offer.
Here we are in a mobility center. Passengers from regions with a low level of transportation services can get information on existing modes of transportation, buy their tickets or book seats by phone or online.For even greater convenience, waiting times are displayed on board vehicles and at stops. This is the role of Visiotrans, a vehicle scheduling and passenger information system which delivers real time traffic information. This is a key factor in customer satisfaction and building customer loyalty.Partnerships with local authorities lie at the heart of Transdev’s mission. Transdev supports medium-sized cities in modernizing its services with innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that work well for populations of all sizes, helping to promote greener cities.

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